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When Santan Audio Video and OC Designs Online worked on the Volusion store design for the shop, the experts agreed on the uses of jet-black, blue and Gainsboro grey as the choices for the primary color palette.


Light green is the color of choice for a few accents. The colors easily complement one another and make the visual design of the shop easy on the eyes.

AUDIO6 155x300The top of the page features the Santan Audio Video name and logo on the left. To the right, the online shopper has the option of accessing the cart or customer account. A phone number makes offline contact easy for asking questions or tracking an order. Three gold seals provide details of the store’s credentials. These seals make the shopper’s decision to become a buyer a lot easier.

A horizontal navigation bar bisects the top of the site. Clickable links give access to the store’s home page, a brief “about us” section, contact information, shipping and return policies as well as a keyword search function. Since the shop offers a wide range of products, this search function is vital. In the middle of the page, there is a repeat of the store’s name and logo, a brief welcome, a “shop now” function and photos of a bow with arrows and hunting knifes. In this section, the online buyer learns about the store’s promoted shipping and returns policies.

AUDIO4 115x300To the left of the page, the Volusion store design experts have added a vertical store categories menu. It makes it easy to choose between various audio and video components, communication technology and survival gear. Right below this menu, the shopper has the option of signing up for a newsletter. Three vertical promotional buttons repeat the shipping and returns information the shopper saw in the welcome message of the page.

The site’s lower midsection is devoted to the display of various clickable product category links. Four large panes offer access to hiking and survival gear, gun accessories, tech gadgets and cell phone accessories. Two rows of four product panes each follow. These items are featured products and come from across the inventory selection.


At the bottom of the page, the storefront designers list acceptable payment options. Santan Audio Video’s business name and logo are on the right side, which effectively balances the top of the page. Four vertical link options provide access to customer services, policies, company information and an invitation to connect via social media. The overall design of the page is crisp and neat, which makes shopping a breeze.


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