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Teaming up with OC Designs Online, Premier Window Films now brings its products to the online shopper with an upgraded BigCommerce store design. Organized and easy to navigate, the online shopper first notices the store’s name and logo on the left side.

BigCommerce Store Design


The color scheme chosen includes white, RGB color model blue, dark orange and carrot orange. The storefront’s backdrop is sky blue and the upper half actually features a cloud motif. The effect of this color palette is one of clarity, neatness and organization.

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At the top of the page, the shopper finds a horizontal navigation bar. It offers access to the home page, a brief store background, the cart, the customer’s account, order status information, contact data and a help menu. Right below this navigation bar is a phone number for the shopper who would like a free estimate. To the right is a shopping cart icon that displays a running dollar amount. For the online bargain hunter who periodically returns to the homepage after selecting products from different categories, this setup makes the most sense.

How to Design a BigCommerce Store

Next, the shopper finds a horizontal navigation bar that helps online buyers choose the right categories for products and services. It is easy to differentiate between residential and commercial products, a variety of product lines, installation information, a handy calculator tool and a contact option. By grouping the products according to their appropriate umbrella terms, it is easy to search sub categories without having to do a lot of cross-referencing. A large photo takes up the middle of the BigCommerce store design.

Text in blue font now helps buyers decide why Premier Window Films’ products are right for them. It offers a bit of information about product warranties and benefits. A row of four YouTube video screens provide access to sales information on a variety of window films for protection against sun, smash and grab robberies, and also bomb blasts. Watching demonstration underscores the ease of installation and use. Two rows of four product windows each further help the shopper to narrow down the selection. Photos give a bit of information about the various product choices, too.

Features of a BigCommerce Store

A featured items section displays organization with which Premier Window Films has become affiliated. At the bottom of the page, shoppers find a repeat of some of the clickable links the customer has noticed throughout the page. To the right is the offer of help via phone. There is also an invitation to connect with the business via social media.

How much does a BigCommerce Store Design Cost

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