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The crisp and clean eBay store design approach that OC Designs Online used for Cover Case City is sure to become a favorite for shoppers. An eBay top-rated seller, the business uses a Kelly green color scheme to accentuate colorful product offerings.

Cell Phone Case eBay Store Design

At the top of the page, the shopper has the option of perusing store policies, contacting the vendor, learning a bit more about the store, reading feedback and signing up for a newsletter.

Features of eBay store designBelow this selection of options, buyers learn more about the advantages of shopping at Cover Case City. Just a bit lower on the screen, the seller features some of the most colorful cell phones covers currently in inventory. To the left of this screen section, the store designer utilized the blue of the natural color system to set apart a category section for the various cell phone and PDA manufacturers the store’s products support.

Right below this section, the buyer has another opportunity, to sign up for the newsletter. The Kelly green color reminds of the page’s top menu. Underneath the sign-up option is marketing information that offers free shipping on selected items, specifies a 30-day return policy and identifies the eBay store as a PayPal-verified business that guarantees customer satisfaction.

Shoppers will appreciate the easy-to-navigate eBay store design of Cover Case City’s central website section. Why wade through numerous cover models that may or may not fit a phone, when a buyer can simply click on a cell phone’s brand to effectively narrow down the search?

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Currently, 12 icons make the selection of the brand quick and easy. For example, it is straightforward to view the entire HTC collection with a simple selection of the “View all” icon. From there, the shopper has access to the inventory of case covers in list or galley form. This same process is available for the other collections.

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If the buyer enjoys the thrill of the bidding process, it is easy to sign into eBay and place a bid. For the shopper who lacks the patience and wants to make a deal now, there are “buy it now” deals that transfer ownership of a desirable cell phone cover with one button click.

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At the bottom of the screen, Cover Case City repeats the blue color scheme to draw attention to its selection of featured products. A Kelly green button identifies a “shop now” feature that immediately takes the shopper to the item’s corresponding eBay page. Even if buyers have already scrolled through the various options open to them, it is here that they may find a unique item they previously did not notice.

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