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If you’ve already invested one of our new ecommerce store designs like eBay, Volusion, Shopify, BigCommerce or one of the many platforms we offer—even our combo store design packages or eBay custom listing templates then good for you!

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2013 is just around the corner, however and beyond a custom ecommerce store design we searched around the Internet to find the hot and trendy and what’s new in 2013 for ecommerce retailers.

Is Your Store Mobile?

ID 10055509 199x300For eBay retailers, it’s pretty easy for shoppers to download the mobile app. Those online retailers using other platforms should check both the Google Play Store for Android shopping apps or the iTunes App Store for Apple operating systems. Or, ask your platform provider if they can help you.

With tablets, the iPad and smartphones ever so popular for shoppers to buy right online, you need to be able to provide that service in 2013. You can also do a Google search for “how to create a mobile app for my ecommerce” store and find some solutions there as well.

As far as electronics go, the smaller the better these days and people want to browse, shop and buy on the go so what’s new for 2013 in ecommerce—go mobile with your online store and make sure you announce on your storefront that shoppers can now access your ecommerce store from their smartphones once you’ve got it all set up—for eBay retailers this is easy but do let shoppers know about the eBay mobile app.

Webcam Shopping

Shopping via webcam software allows buyers to see how that shirt, blouse, pants or dress looks on them right from your store. Webcam shopping is even a good choice for those selling jewelry. Online shopping is so popular these days—global ecommerce sales are expected to reach the $1.25 trillion mark in 2013—so why not take advantage of webcam shopping if you sell clothing or jewelry? And, some of the webcam shopping software, also known as augmented reality software is also available for use with other items like eye and sunglasses and shoes.

The problem for some retailers may be the cost of the software but you do have options so shop around for pricing. The most utilized by big business is Zugara the link will take you to their website for pricing and free demos on how it works and it’s really amazing to see.

For those looking for a more affordable webcam shopping option, Metaio and Total Immersion are two good options or check out the great article on for even more webcam shopping partners. The video shown in this post is for Zugara.

Buyers Want It Now!

ID 10065187 300x300Tons of ecommerce retailers offer next day shipping but what’s hot in 2013 for ecommerce retailers is same-day delivery. This can be challenging for some online businesses but it’s worth it if you can offer this service. Check with your shippers and ask what the very last pick up is for a same-day delivery and make sure you post disclaimers on your storefront like “not available in all areas” along with the final time folks can order to be eligible for same-day delivery.

Because buyers really do want it now, if you can’t do same-day, are you offering overnight or next day shipping? You really need to consider how fast you can ship and where. Shoppers will expect to pay more for same-day or next-day shipping so make sure you charge for it—don’t offer this type of shipping for free. If you see competitors offering it for free, most likely their products are higher in price to cover these types of shipping costs.

Finally, if you’re not offering free shipping on selected items you need to start because your competitors are already doing it.

Personal Shopping

ID 10093285 300x199If you go into a Chico’s store or visit them online they offer a personal shopping assistant service but so do many other retailers. Online retailers are getting into this personal assistant service in two ways—one via online chat and the other by taking advantage of the many personal assistant shopping mobile apps available.

TechCrunch has a must-read article on personal assistant shopping apps and you can also check with both the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store to see what personal assistant shopping apps are available and promote them in your storefront. It’s also a good idea to ask your ecommerce platform provider if they offer such an add-on or if one is in the works.


Bland, self-created eBay or other ecommerce platform stores won’t get your store noticed in today’s competitive world of online shopping. OC Designs Online has realized this for quite some time and we recommend this what’s new in 2013 for ecommerce retailer’s tip as the number one tip!

With not much of an investment, you can have a custom storefront design and beyond just looking at the expense to customize your ecommerce store design, you should also look at the cost as an investment into building a better revenue stream and building your brand identity.


We have packages for all types of ecommerce stores and can even provide complimentary matching combo stores and matching listing template design.

Ready for 2013?

As technology changes, so must your ecommerce store and that means finding easier ways for people to shop, offering virtual webcams, going mobile and taking advantage of a custom ecommerce store design to build your brand identity and stand out far above your competitors.

OC Designs Online wishes you a prosperous 2013 and above all, let us help you with one of the what’s hot for 2013 for ecommerce retailer’s tip—a custom, eye-appealing, branding building custom ecommerce store! Get a quote today!

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