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The use of mobile devices to browse the internet has led to an increase in the need for responsive designs. Whether you have a website, blog, or e-store, you need your website to look good, irrespective of the device the visitor is using to browse it. Most responsive templates are no different from regular templates except that they have the ability to adjust based on the screen used to access them whether it is a smart phone, tablet or computer.

Here are 3 reasons why you must opt for responsive templates for your eBay store:

  • If you have a responsive design, your customer will have the same experience even if he uses his laptop, tablet or smartphone to access your store. He knows the layout and can easily find his way out to purchase or browse through your store. However, if you do not have a responsive design, your eBay store will look different to the customer and he may even be confused about what to do next. He might get frustrated and leave immediately instead of spending the time to figure it all out.
  • It is easier to manage an eBay responsive listing template than to have a separate design for your mobile and desktop visitors. It has a cleaner layout and can fit to the screen of different devices that can be used to browse the internet. Since most customers use their mobile devices to make purchases and desktop to browse, you will have a better conversion rate thanks to your responsive template.
  • The number of mobile searches has surpassed desktop searches on the internet. Many search engines give preference to websites that can cater to all kinds of devices used to browse the internet and rank them higher as compared to desktop-only websites and e-commerce stores. Since the number of mobile searches is only going to increase in the future, there is no reason you should stay behind. It is high time that you choose a custom eBay listing template for your store.
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