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Taking the tutorial forward, let us consider some more points to keep in mind when designing the perfect eBay listing for your products:

Payment Information

Make sure that the eBay html template you select lets you showcase your acceptable payment options with prominence. This is important info that a buyer will look to validate, sometimes even before they finalize which product they want to buy.

Product Listing

This is where things get tricky. In the interest of presenting product details in a more creative and catchy way, designers often tend to go overboard. Woozy fonts and troublesome colors can throw your entire product listing and description out of whack. Here are some tips to help you customize the product listing section of your responsive eBay template:

  • The listing will begin with a headline – the name of the product you are selling. The second line below will contain any additional info (in short) that will attract buyers into checking out your product or is relevant enough that buyers will want to know it right away.
  • Make sure you do not venture out of the world of Verdana or Arial when it comes to select font types. Anything more twirly and funky is not acceptable, no matter how creative it looks.
  • Black or dark red is the only font color you should think about choosing. Other shades usually put too much strain on a reader’s eyes.

Next, the main picture of the product should be directly below the headline, followed by a detailed description of the product, different specs and technical info.

In the next post, we will consider some other sections of an eBay listing and explore some tips to get the right design.

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