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Listing your store on a popular ecommerce platform is a very wise decision. But there is much more than just opening a store on eBay. If you are not a daydreamer, you might be well aware of the reality that just opening an ecommerce store does not bring customers. You have to design your store and make it attractive so that it fetches the viewers’ attention easily.

If you are still unclear about what good it could do for your business, let’s take a brief look at the benefits.

  • According to eBay sellers, a store using attractive eBay listing template can expect a 25% average growth in the sales. The prettier your store design is, the more eyes it will attract, which altogether means more sales.
  • When you personalize your store using eBay listing templates, you are making it a brand. By doing it correctly, you are giving out a message to your customers about how serious you are about your business. Say, if you sell toys, a playful brand might work. But when you sell safety equipment, you might want to look more serious. In a nutshell, the appearance of your store is dictated by the personality of your business.
  • Ecommerce stores generally show all of a seller’s items in a single list and have a basic search and category-driven navigation. You can use this to your own advantage with a custom design. This will help buyers to find your products more easily.

It is not that you can do this only on eBay, but also on many other ecommerce websites. When you consider getting your store design with a bigcommerce template, you are taking a step ahead of your competitors.


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