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One of the things we see often in our line of business is up and comers that are just getting started on the entrepreneurial journey. We help these small business owners set up their online stores and social media strategies for success. If you think you might be on the track of becoming an entrepreneur yourself, here are five signs that may show you it’s time to take that leap.

#1: You see opportunities everywhere you go

If you are constantly assaulted with possible business and product ideas and end up carrying a small notebook or keeping a folder in your iPhone notes section for these ideas – then you are probably being bitten by the entrepreneurial spirit.

Many entrepreneur’s have their hands in many different hats, being able to see the possibilities in all kinds of adventures.

#2: You find yourself questioning how things are run

If you see room for improvement wherever you go, you may be on the way to being your own boss. It’s a great quality for entrepreneurs to have, especially since you may soon be in the position to make changes in a company of your own.

Entrepreneurs are always looking to improve their processes, not settling until they have found what is best for their companies and those that work for them. Efficiency, but also creative solutions, are important to entrepreneurs.  

#3: You like being in control of your time

If you hate being told what to do and feel more ownership in work that you control, you may be an entrepreneur. The problem then becomes, once you control all aspects of your day – you need to make sure you stay organized and get everything done, or at the very least, hire an assistant to help make sure you reach the goals you set out to achieve.

Being in control also means knowing when to delegate, which is a powerful part of being a boss that takes entrepreneurs usually a little time to get the grasp of. It doesn’t always feel great to pass on projects to others, but a entrepreneur knows when he or she is needed, and when they should step back.

#4: You expect more from yourself than anyone else

You are your harshest critique with the longest to-do list you’ve ever seen. To get your work done you often find yourself awake at all hours, taking naps and chugging coffee to try and take advantage of every moment possible. You are not afraid of taking risks when your own life is involved and understand the potential that you can achieve more than anyone else.

Once your new ventures are started, it may be hard to real in the time spent working as you love being involved, but with time coming up with an effective schedule that helps them balance their work and play at more manageable levels.

#5: You’re resourceful

And when you experience a hardship or run into a problem, you know how to make things stretch and do what you can to still meet deadlines, get what you need, and make your dreams a reality. 

Entrepreneurs often have to make hard decisions, have a few failed ventures under their belt to learn from, and know when to go all in or let go.

Being an entrepreneur starts with a feeling, a personality that simmers in you until it has to come out. You can do it. Don’t ignore how you feel, your drive for more, it’ll take you to amazing places.

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