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Clothing is a huge industry on eBay but generally you see more from people selling products from other brands at a discount, rather than brands selling original clothing. That is why we were excited to help our recent client, NAKD Lift More, who sells not only sportswear from other brands but adds in a mix of original clothing created just for their eBay storefront.

Below we are going to share with you how OCDesignsonline’s has helped this Australian store increase their sales with their new eBay store design.

eBay storefront design from OCDesignsonline

We started by emphasizing branded images

The welcome image and featured category areas feature images of NAKD customers wearing products from the store. Seeing these fit men and women together like this, wearing clothing from our client, helps create a professional feel that makes more potential customers become long term shoppers.

The categories featured will encourage more clicks because of this professional look. The store categories to the right also help with SEO for our client.

Featured products sell more

Beneath the categories we added a featured products section. Featured products work well for sellers because they bring to light products you want to bring attention too like high performing items, items with higher markups, or just seasonal items (like long sleeved workout clothes in the winter). Seeing products right off the bat that represent a brand is a great way to get a potential customer’s patronage.

Statistically, products in this area get more clicks than other products in a store so we try to use it in as many designs we create as possible.

We also added a “Why shop with us?” area to the left of the featured products to show some value that can be provided to customers if they shop with NAKD Lift More.

The colors we used were mainly black, white, and red because they are definitely power colors and very suitable for this brand.

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