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Hello there OCDesignsonline readers and clients! We are excited to share with you today a design write up on one of our recent clients, Geek Next.

Geek Next is “more than a computer store” so we worked to make that apparent throughout the eBay storefront we created for this eBay electronics seller.

Geek Next Dazzles Customers with new custom eBay design from OCDesignsonlineWe started by creating a few custom clickable category images that suit the color scheme we chose for this client, black and orange. We also added additional categories in the header. In between both category sections we made a banner that features their smartphone guarantee – that products are a good price, tested for quality, and are able to be returned if the customer chose too.

To make these sections even more engaging, when a potential customer rolls their mouse over these category pages, the pictures turn orange and say “shop now.” Now that’s a call to action! The text only category pages also turn orange on roll over.

Having several category sections as well as a featured products area is a great start to boosting sales because having more browsable sections creates an encouraging environment for shoppers to add to their carts.

Featured products are also a great way for a seller to show what they offer at a glance, as well as to insure items that they pick gain more exposure than they otherwise would have.

Custom eBay listing templates create more salesAdditionally, custom listing pages work in Geek Next’s favor because they show customers browsing eBay that our client is a professional reseller and not a random person selling their extra phone. It’s valuable to show potential customers that you are a real business because many eBay sellers simply aren’t. It’s like putting your best foot forward.

If you want OCDesignsonline to help you make your store shine in a sea of sellers, get in touch with us.

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