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Here at OCDesignsonline we love finding out about different industries. Recently we got to really explore the world of trading cards when we were contracted to redesign FTD Games’ eBay storefront.

We created a sophisticated look for these serious collectors

A pofessional eBay design for FTD Games from OCDesignsonline

Those that aren’t involved in trading cards often assume that collectors are kids playing with their friends — big mistake. The trading card community is largely based in adults so we knew we had to create a more sophisticated look for their clientele.   

The colors we chose for this eBay store design were a darker turquoise and black with a bright white for the text.

We also added textures and different frayed edges around the site to remind potential users of the feel that trading cards bring.

The custom listing pages help this store sell more

Custom listing  templates from OCDesignsonine

The main pull of this storefront is that each listing page exactly matches the store, helping bring a more cohesive brand feel for our customer.

When a trading card collector is looking for a specific card and finds our client through eBay or Google shopping will see the professional design in the listing description and be drawn into knowing more about this brand and wanting to look for more limited edition products to add to their cart.

Custom listing template designs bring in more sales

Underneath the listing description we also brought in again the same clickable category images we shared on the front page because then it encourages more potential customers to browse our client’s offerings.

Listing templates make for more loyal customers. It is an essential we always recommend for serious sellers.

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