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Working with both new and experienced eBay and ecommerce sellers is a real joy for the OCDesignsonline team, especially when a seller is enthusiastic about their goals and what a new eBay storefront design can do for them.

Today we are sharing with you some of the design story behind CLIMAPARTS’ new eBay storefront design. Our client has been in the business of manufacturing and supplying automotive air conditioning parts for over 10 years so we were honored that they turned to us to really bring their online presence into the forefront.

OCDesignsonline can help you revive a business

So many cookie cutter design templates made for the masses do not bring the kind of attention products really need, which is why OCDesignsonline is really the best in the business. We create a totally custom look, just for you.

Sell more with a totally custom eBay storefront design

In the case of CLIMAPARTS, we created a design that shows the value that potential clients can gain from our client with a “Why shop with us?” banner area right below their header. We did this on purpose because the header area shows details that a potential customer may want to know (like shipping policies) so placing an area that shares potential values our client can bring right below this high traffic section was a strategic choice on our part.

Sharing value and building trust right away in an easy digestible way (like our banners) turns potential customers into long term customers.

Featured products sell more

We also created a featured category (with clickable images) and a featured products area for our client, which is something we do for many of our customers, because it helps sell more items.

Having an area to show high performing, hard to find, or seasonal items in a featured products area is great for eBay sellers because it can share with potential customers what a store has to offer at a glance.

It also encourages browsing, which leads to more sales.

We really enjoy the blues, pops of green, and different grey tones we chose for this design because we feel it really makes products pop.

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