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OCDesignsonline loves supporting eBay stores of all kinds so today we are happy to be sharing a whimsical and fun design for the baby jewelry seller In Season Jewelry.

Since In Season Jewelry specializes in selling jewelry for little children and teens we wanted to make sure that the design for this eBay storefront suited the youth of those that will wear their designs.

In Season Jewelry's Youthful eBay Design

We began with the all important background image. The design we found involves some sweet swirls and a light color palette that looks almost as if a young person doodled them in their notebook.

For their main welcome image, we added a little blurb of text that shows some of the qualities of the store. It also has a fun polka dot pattern and a little fashionable girl that shows some of the items available at the store.

All of these little elements brought together, along with the playful blue and pink hues we used, create a cohesive design from their storefront to their custom eBay listing templates. Having a brand identity that matches the mood of their products helps boost sales for In Season Jewelry because then potential customers feel more in tune with the brand and what they have to offer.

Detailed categories help our client’s SEO

Since this client sells many jewelry items in different categories, we decided to have them all visible on this main page so that that when search index index this storefront, our client would have all of these terms associated with their site — which in turn will help them increase their SEO ranking and bring them more sales.

If you want to create an atmosphere for your eBay store that increases sales while also creating repeat customers, you have come to the right place.

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