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When you choose to have our team at OCDesignsonline help you with a custom ecommerce package, you’re choosing to help boost your sales and build brand awareness in your target market. Now while Clark Kent had to hide in a phone booth to become Superman and save the world, it didn’t take a cape for us to help English Telephone Booth Co. to give their business a jumpstart. When our client approached us with their desire to have a new ecommerce package created, we were happy to help. We wanted to be sure that their sites would catch attention as well as boost sales.

English Telephone Booth Co.’s eBay storefront looks great!

An English phone booth is iconic for many reasons, and many people want them in their personal collections. Whatever a customer’s reasoning for purchasing an English telephone booth, it’s important to help them determine how that booth will fit their needs. When we created the eBay store for English Telephone Booth Co., we did so with the potential customer in mind. Not only did we want to draw customers into the site by using great images of English telephone booths, but we also wanted to give customers an idea of how the phone booths would meet their needs.

We broke the eBay storefront into different sections. The top features a menu where customers can find answers to their questions and browse the various products offered by our client. We then used a bold header image with a fire-engine red English phone booth juxtaposed against a black and white image of a building facade.  Underneath the header image, we listed the unique selling points for our client’s business, answering any questions their customers may have about their products. There are then four phone booths from which customers may choose, and then images of people with English phone booths in their lives.



We changed things up a bit for English Telephone Booth Co.’s ecommerce site

Rather than focusing solely on beautiful images to help sell the English phone booths our client offers, we wanted to use content to help sell our client’s products. While we start off the ecommerce site similarly to the eBay storefront, with an attention grabbing header image and a menu, that’s where the similarities between the two sites end. We then list unique selling points and created SEO customized text to go along with images so that customers can learn more about the products our client offers. At the footer of the page, we created an area where customers could find information on how to purchase an English phone booth and how to get in touch with our client in case questions arise.



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