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Dressing up is a lot of fun. At OCDesignsonline, we take pride in dressing up our client’s business platforms all the time. When our client, Best Costume & Toy Deals approached us for assistance with their costume and toy business, we were happy to help. In fact, we created not one but two platforms from which they may sell their products. Not only did we create a custom 3DCart Store for our client, but we also created a matching eBay store. We think both of the stores came out looking great, and we’re really proud of the work we completed.

We created the eBay and 3DCart stores to look almost identical to one another. We wanted customers to have the same feeling on either of the two storefronts. While the stores do resemble one another in terms of general layout and function, there are key differences in each that will appeal to a different sort of target customer market.

The 3DCart store for our client lists all categories

Whenever we design an ecommerce store for one of our clients, we work hard to ensure that we help customers to find those items for which they search. When we created the 3DCart site for Best Costume & Toy Deals, we worked hard to ensure our client’s customers would view the site as a positive opportunity for shopping. On both sites, we made the header stand out – not only by showing an image of a family dressed up for Halloween, but by extending the header outwards to the store background where more costumed party-goers greet customers.

CostumeOur client’s eBay store also allows for great product showcasing

While the eBay store we created for Best Costume & Toy deals looks almost identical to the 3DCart we created for our client, there are some key differences. The biggest difference between the two platforms is that we listed out all of the possible store categories on the eBay store while we listed some of them with the 3DCart store. We used image category buttons on both of the sites, and both sites have the same header images and design. Brand consistency across platforms was an important feature our client wanted.


Featured items on both ecommerce platforms increase our client’s sales

We created a featured items area on both the eBay and 3DCart stores. We wanted to make it really easy for our client’s customers to see what was new, of particular interest, on sale, or popular in each store. This is another area where the two store designs diverge from one another. If a customer knows of both platforms, it can help drive sales as well, since a customer may visit both sites to find the best deals.

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