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While having an impressive storefront for customers to land on and find is important for eBay sales success, having an eBay listing template can really boost sales. When OCDesignsonline creates custom templates for our clients, we work to ensure that they are fully branded with our client’s logos and storefront design. That way, should a customer come our client’s eBay listing through searching on the main eBay page or through a web search, they can click on the listing template’s hyperlinked store logo, and arrive at the storefront.

When we created the eBay listing template and storefront for our client, Top Speed Pro1 Performance it was important to us that our client be able to make use of the templates to get listings loaded onto eBay and into their eBay store.

eBay template


We created a strongly branded storefront

We really like our client’s storefront. Not only does it create interest and pull customers in because it looks professional, but it also is image-driven, making it easy for us to translate that into a quality listing template. We used a slideshow header image, high contrast black, red, and white details, and vivid images to make the store pop for our client’s customers. Anything a customer is looking for can be found quickly and easily through this page.

The listing template follows the same image-laden pattern

When customers are on an eBay listing for Top Speed Pro1 Performance, the depicted item is at the top of the page. When they scroll down to the branded section so they can find more information out about the product, they are greeted by high-impact images that tie into our client’s overall branding. This catches the customers’ eyes, and helps keep them on the listing longer so that they can learn more about our client’s products.

There’s a space for more information about products and policies

It’s important for customers to be able to find extra information about products and policies easily. In the listing template, we created a space where our client could have product information, and a tabbed bar so that customers could learn more about store policies without having to leave the eBay listings they are viewing. We also included a sidebar so that customers could navigate to other areas of our client’s shop to find the parts and products for which they are searching. All of this makes for a user-friendly experience that helps build repeat business.

At OCDesignsonline we can create a quality eBay listing template for your wares

We have a large selection of listing templates at OCDesignsonline from which our clients may choose. Spend some time browsing our portfolio. When you come up with some ideas about what you’d like for your eBay store, request a free quote. If you need help with idea generation, you can find us on FacebookTwitter and Google+ for current examples of our work.

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