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Where will you go to purchase your next vehicle? Will you travel to the used car lot on the corner where Trusty Steve guarantees you’ll get the best deal in town, or will you turn to a venue where you know you’ll get a great deal? For many, the choice is easy – go where you get the best deal. When Smart Chevrolet, an eBay car dealership, approached us for help designing a custom eBay store for their vehicles, OCDesignsonline was happy to help.

We wanted the whole store to have an automotive theme and feeling to it. We created a textured background and used “chrome” shading to make the border appear as though it was shining. We used the same technique to outline the different boxes in the store. We think it creates a great look, and really helps the vehicles that are for sale take center stage.


We get customers’ engines revved up with this new eBay store design

We wanted our client’s customers to feel at home when browsing this eBay car dealership. Thus, we decided to catch customers’ attention as soon as possible when they land on this site. We started by creating a border for the eBay storefront, and in the center of it on the top we have the eBay car dealership’s logo. On the left is the unique selling point of “100% satisfaction guaranteed” and on the right is a search bar. We then have the menu with information about the store’s policies. The header image is a silver car that appears to be in motion. All of these elements work together to help keep a potential customer on site.

Categories to the side and featured items get center stage in this eBay car dealership’s storefront

We wanted customers to see that Smart Chevrolet offered great prices on cars – and that they have a large selection of vehicles for purchase – as soon as they found the store. Thus, we kept the categories for the site in the sidebar, and we allowed vehicles to stand on their own. Customers can view vehicles that are new, on sale, or of special interest without diving further into the site.

We made sure the branding carried through to the category pages

It was important to us that customers landing on the site would find continuous branding throughout the online dealership’s pages. Thus, we created custom category search pages that carry the storefront branding throughout the entire site. We’re really pleased with how things turned out for this automotive client.

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