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Bathtubs, showers, toilets, basins, taps – all of these furnishings are necessary for having a functional bathroom. At OCDesignsonline, we recently built a custom eBay shop for our U.K. based client, Purity Bathrooms. We wanted to create a site that was as aesthetically pleasing to look at as the customers’ bathrooms would be when they were finished installing the products purchased from our client’s shop.

We started by taking the purple from our client’s logo and using it throughout the website. We used it in the font, but we also used it in the tabs describing each of the site’s categories. We took the neutral color from, the logo as well, and used it in the menu bar and throughout the site’s fonts. This created a cohesive look, making the site look really put together as a whole.



We used crisp, clean lines for a pleasing design

In addition to using Purity Bathrooms’ logo as the basis for our color choices, we used the company’s block-style logo to inspire our use of block-style design. We decided to forgo the sidebar menu and instead go for a big, clean look for the custom eBay shop as a whole. We started with the header, where the company’s logo appears and included the company’s phone number as well as customer service hours. The menu bar reflects the different categories of product a visiting customer may be looking for, and then we listed the company’s unique selling points next, amking it so that at a glance, customers could determine what makes the store phenomenol.

Images define categories for a beautiful custom eBay shop

The images we selected not only pick out colors from the rest of the custom eBay storefront, but they also provide clear representations of what kinds of things customers will find in each category. For example, “taps” has a photograph of a sink tap. This, in addition to the listing of categories in the site’s menu bar, provides an easy-to-navigate site for customers to browse through.

The store’s footer describes this eBay shop’s policies

We wanted customers to be able to easily find the store’s shipping policies and information about customer service and the other nuts and bolts of doing business with our client, Purity Bathrooms. So, instead of creating menu items for each category area, we simply wrote out the store’s policy – allowing us to keep our client’s store streamlined and polished from top to bottom!

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