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When you want to make a huge gesture, jewelry is usually the way to do it. It’s shiny, diamonds symbolize eternity, and there are so many different combinations an experienced jeweler can put together to create that perfect design for someone special. When Kevin Jewelers approached us here at OCDesignsonline for help with putting together a custom eBay storefront, we were happy to oblige.

We wanted the storefront we created for Kevin Jewelers to be every bit as special as the jewelry for sale on the site. That’s why we took special care to ensure that we paid attention to every detail of the site while we were building it.

Custom eBay StorefrontPlatinum and diamonds are the best things on earth

Or, at least, platinum and diamonds are symbols for some of the best things on earth – love, honor, beauty. We wanted the page we created for our client to convey the elegance and boldness jewelry has in our lives. That’s why we chose the colors platinum, crystal, and sapphire blue for the website. We wanted the feel of high-end jewelry to sparkle throughout the entire site.

We designed a polished look for the header

We wanted the custom eBay store’s header to be as streamlined, classic, and polished as the gyms sold by Kevin Jewelers. We used the platinum gray color for the menu bar, and then underneath it listed the unique selling points offered by the store. We wanted to highlight the various things that make the jewelry company owners gems in their own right.

We set the site agleam with crisp photos of jewelry

It was important to us that the site really popped, and so we used high-quality images of the jewelry Kevin Jewelers is offering customers for sale. We put a brightly polished image of a diamond and platinum ring on a sapphire background to really make it stand out. The woman next to the ring is brightly adorned with various jewels, helping to convey that feeling of elegance that really helps a jewelry store’s professional appearance.

We used sparkling jewelry on the custom eBay categories buttons

That way, not only will customers be able to navigate the custom eBay store swiftly and easily, but they will also be pulled in to click through, given the beautiful pieces highlighted on the buttons. Once the store has been populated with items, clicking through will bring customers to a custom category search page that highlights the different pieces offered by Kevin Jewelers. We also included an area for the business to highlight various special pieces, making it easy for customers to click through and purchase items they love.

Let us turn your eBay store into something that sparkles

At OCDesignsonline, we can take your eBay store from a page that has a high bounce rate to a page that draws your customers and prospective customers in. We have a variety of custom eBay templates to work from, and we use our skills to incorporate themes from each business we work with into the design of their unique eBay storefronts. Request a quote today; while you are at it, you can find us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and check out our Google+ Page too!


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