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Everyone loves a masquerade party – the costumes, the glamour, the mystery – these festive events have their own air about them. From beautiful masks to decadent food, masquerades are magical. At OCDesignsonline, we were happy to help Beyond Masquerade create a new custom eBay store to sell their masquerade event and party supplies.

We wanted to keep with the festive feeling of glamour, so we used high contrast colors to convey that through the storefront. The charcoal with black designs on it, the gold logo and white highlights – all of these work together to present that aura of mystery we enjoy so much at masquerade balls. We also used a high glamour photograph with gold tones in the background to make customers take note of this specialty store.


We didn’t disguise the shop’s contents

We wanted the customers visiting Beyond Masquerade to be able to find what they are searching for easily. Thus, we focused heavily on making sure that those coming to the site through search engines would know, at a glance, what types of items they could expect to find. The high contrast colors make the menu stand out and help to highlight each section of the shop, helping to increase the clickthrough rate of our client’s customers.

We highlight the important details in this custom eBay store’s header

When you look at the header of this store, you’ll notice that all of the store’s policies are easy to find. Just below the main menu bar, customers will see a daily deal with a timer counting down the minutes until this deal is over and the next deal goes up. A beautiful woman holding a mask, presumably at a masquerade ball, looks off beyond the left shoulder of the customer browsing the site, inviting the customer to click through and follow her deeper into the store.

Buttons and a menu make searching for the right party item easy

We included both a sidebar menu and buttons with images to help our client’s customers navigate through the site easily. The sidebar has different broad categories of party and masquerade supplies offered by Beyond Masquerade and the buttons highlight the various types of masks offered by our client. Such specific division of product helps customers to stay on the site and browse.

Featured products highlight the store’s other items

We wanted our clients to be able to highlight products that customers visiting their site might not know about. That’s why we created a special area at the bottom of their page for featured products. This way, clients can view some neat products before they go browsing through the store.

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