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Light bulbs and fixtures are a great way to bring illumination to even the darkest areas of a home or office. We use light to decorate during the holiday season, and light during late hours can help prevent crime. Recently, OCDesignsonline created a custom eBay storefront for Bulbs Shop, a place where one can find great bulbs for great prices. We’ve created an easy-to-use and navigate site based upon our ready-to-go custom eBay templates.

We ensure that we meet and exceed each of our clients’ needs. With the owners of Bulbs Shop, we wanted to highlight the benefits they and their products bring to their customers. We enjoyed working with them to bring their ideas to fruition and help them increase the number of sales they make through their store.

BulbsLighting the storefront with yellow

We decided that there was no better color for the Bulbs Store custom eBay storefront than yellow. After all, what color do you think of when picturing light bulbs? Yellow is a cheerful color. It is a welcoming color. Here, we’ve used it to pull the potential customers in, and help them to find the items they are searching for. We used a soft glow around the words to make them stand out – and make them appear as if they were illuminated, just like the products offered by our client.

Giving the page a luminous beginning

We created a bright yellow header for the page that makes it appear as though the entire page is lit up. The Bulbs Store logo is in yellow, and matches the yellow headings throughout the rest of the site. Along the top, customers can find all of the information they need about the custom eBay store’s products and policies, making it easy to navigate. We even included a search bar on the site, so that customers could find that specific item they’ve been looking for.

The custom eBay page’s glowing navigation tools

The main navigation area of this page has a light bulb image that is clickable for viewing all of the business’s stock. The left navigation bar has a variety of search options so that customers can find just the bulbs they are looking for. We’ve created a number of categories for ease of navigation and to help the client’s business appear higher in the search results.

A special place for featured items and deals

We also made sure that we created a special place for the business’s deals and featured items to appear. This way, our client can simply plug in an image and then write a description and the price. This makes it easy for customers to see what bulbs are available for stocking up on. In all, it’s a very user- and search-engine friendly site.

Let us handle your custom eBay storefront creation project

If you want to increase your sales and appear more often in search engine results, we can help! At OCDesignsonline, we have several custom eBay templates for our clients to choose from. We combine your store’s products and our templates to create an eBay storefront that will dazzle your customers. Contact us today to receive a free quote on our services. While you’re at it, why not add us on your social media. We’re on FacebookTwitter and Google+ too!



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