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Did you know that 3 out of 5 Australian adults are obese? That’s over 12 million people! A more startling fact is that 1 out of 4 children in Australia are obese. In a world where it’s easy to be tempted by fast food and burdened by stress it’s sometimes difficult to make time for the gym. However, there’s a cure for cutting time at the gym and focusing on your health at home. The answer: Oz Fit Sports. The store recently took on a custom Australia eBay store design with the help of OC Designs Online. Now, breaking a sweat doesn’t have to be about worrying about the gym. Doing a quick 15-20 workout in your personal space is simple and satisfying. 


The header of this Australia eBay shop design has a blue, grey and yellow tone for an uplifting feel to the shop. The logo is in the top left hand corner with a blue icon in the font to represent high spirits and energy. To the right customers can find two information tabs to help familiarize shoppers with the store. The top panel in grey introduces customers to package deals, clearance items and customer support.  The yellow tab highlights perks with shopping at Oz Fit Sports. Competitive prices and in-store advice to help shoppers save are just two advantages with choosing this shop!


The midsection of this eBay store design easily grips the customer’s attention with great deals on fitness training equipment. A blue circular tab lies in the left of the main graphic with a red tab to get customers shopping instantly. A vertical panel lines the left hand side of the screen so skimming over categories is a cinch. Customers with an item in mind can simplify their search with the category panel. Weight vests and power sleds are just a click away.


The footer of this eBay shop design places store items into the spotlight. A featured item section allows the shop to push items of their choosing into the eye of the customer. The design is simple and the only hurdle for the shop will be the agility hurdle listed above!

Partner with OC Designs Online for a unique design that meets your needs as well as the needs of your customers. We customize Australia eBay listing templates to your shop! Take some time to browse our portfolio of classic store designs, and then request a free quote.

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