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Most people can remember the first time they experienced a combination of power mixed with speed. Some may have experienced it while hopping on a dirt bike for the first time and accidentally pulling back on the accelerator too quickly. Others may have felt it on a go-cart or while driving a car for the first time. In any case, adrenaline rushes and grips stiffen when the combined forces take over. BCS PowerSports focuses on keeping the thrills going with auto and bike parts that keep the “vroom” alive! The eCommerce shop recently teamed up with OC Designs Online for a eBay store design and matching eBay template. The package deal keeps a unified look throughout both sites and flashes a green light for quick sales!

Graphics and Display eBay Store Design

The welcome pane of this eBay shop design induces the smell of rubber and gets the customer geared up for hefty savings. The top panel displays some of the best brands for power sport vehicles. Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki are all listed in the black and white panel to allow customers to see they’re likely to find exactly what their engine desires. Tabs that direct customers to areas of interest are in a frosty blue color on both sides of the welcome pane. Directly to the left are two panels that assist online shoppers in searching inventory. A store category panel is listed along with a “Search By” panel for multiple searching capabilities with this eBay store design. Finding great discounts along with items of your choice are only a simple search away.

Custom eBay Store Footer

The midsection of this eBay shop design puts store categories in the spotlight. The main section hosts a variety of tabs to spotlight different power sport vehicles supported by the shop. Everything from snow mobile parts to sport bikes accessories can be found at BCS! Directly to the left is a panel hosting a different type of category search. Brand names are paired with the vehicles for a more specific search!

Maximize Listings with Custom eBay Store Design

The footer of this eBay store design focuses on the shop’s featured products. This section puts individual items in the spotlight with their own tab on the storefront. Each tab holds a high resolution image, a brief description of the item and a price. A frosty blue tab accompanies each tab with the option to “Buy Now.” The tab pops from the page luring customers to go with their gut and grab the deal while it lasts!

A separate panel to the left allows customers on a budget to shop by price. This customized tab in black and blue allows for shoppers to shop on a budget and easily find single items over bulk item deals on the shop!

Graphics and Display eBay Template Design

 OC Designs Online incorporated a similar feel to this eBay template by building a strong brand image and tying both sites together for a common store theme. The same black panel lines the top of the eBay store hosting brand names found on the shop. The frosty blue tabs introducing different search panels are also aligned on the left hand side of the site. However, here the main graphic is dedicated to the specific item found within the shop!

Maximize Listings with Custom eBay template DesignThe black panel found at the header of the page hosting brand names is also found throughout this eBay template. Two separate sections are posted on the site for item specifications and descriptions. Here customers are able to read over the details of the items they’re considering to purchase! Everything some item conditions to assembly dates can be highlighted easily with these two panels!

Custom eBay template Footer

The footer of this eBay template keeps store categories easily accessible while highlighting customer support. A telephone number is displayed at the top and can easily be found in the “Contact Us” tab at the header of both the eBay store and template. The frosty blue and black tabs lie under the customer support panel allowing online shoppers to browse multiple categories such as payments and returns. Cruising off with the perfect item at BCS PowerSports is as easy as speeding off from your driveway!

Come browse our eBay templates for an eye catching design and pair it with an eBay store design for a package deal! The attention to detail, ease of browsing and ability to customize for any affair can’t be found anywhere else at such an affordable price. Take a moment to browse our portfolio and request a free quote. You’ll love what you see!

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