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Today, on September 9th, 2014, eyes and ears from all over tuned in for the Apple conference. People opened up their laptops and turned on their televisions to get updates about new electronic devices to be released soon. iPhones and tech savvy watches are just a few of the items that make communication easier. Along with phones, cameras and computers keep wallets open and people sporting the newest, sleekest way to work and enjoy life. What people know is that all these items require upkeep and that’s where InsideComputer comes into the picture. The shop specializes in keeping your most valuable electronic devices safe, secure and fully charged. The shop wanted a new, custom look executed on their Volusion and eBay store design. They teamed up with the graphic designers at OC Designs Online for a uniform theme and classic look that makes shopping easy.

Graphics and Display eBay Store Design

The header of the eBay shop design has a silver background for a steel and mechanical feel to the shop. The store logo and name is in the top left hand corner in a red and silver font. The red and silver mesh well with the calm and neutral background. The logo is hard to miss which builds a strong brand image for the shop at first glance. Online shoppers will instantly know what store they’re shopping with for top quality electronic accessories. Below the logo customers will see a panel with different tabs running horizontally across the screen. Each tab is in all capital letters to pop from the shop. The tabs in the panel are placed at the top of the store to let customers get acquainted with InsideComputer easily and quickly. Shoppers can look over the store policies, read up on what the store specializes in and even reach out to customer support through the “Contact Us” tab. If the customer still can’t find what they’re looking for they can turn to the search tab in the right hand corner. Shoppers can browse the shop for products or inquiries with this tab making it easy to answer questions without the assistance of customer support. Finding an answer is as easy as finding the perfect accessory!

Graphics and Display Volusion Store Design

 The header of this Volusion template design mirrors the eBay design. However, one difference is the option to connect with the shop through different social media avenues. The customer can find three colorful tabs at the top center of the header. Here they can connect to InsideComputer via Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Staying connected to the shop will enable them to have reminders to return while strengthening the brand name. 

Maximize Listings with Custom eBay Store Design

In order to have an enjoyable life you have to be able to adapt. Luckily, customers can find adapters easily in the midsection of this eBay design. The main picture displays a variety of products while announcing a discount at the store. Directly to the right is a custom tab for the tech friendly shop. A deal of the day highlights a discounted product each day of the week. This feature keeps customers coming back for more specials and great savings!

Maximize Listings with Custom Volusion Store Design

The midsection of this Volusion template design is very similar keeping a common theme throughout both sites. The Volusion design also has a deal of the day tab but it’s placed on the left hand side of the midsection rather than the right. Store categories are easy to access on both sites with high resolution photos to help guide online shoppers. Since online shoppers are visual shoppers OC Designs Online has made sure to highlight products in both midsections. Customers can browse the store with ease and charge in the right direction through visuals of the store inventory!

Custom eBay Store Footer

The footer of the above eBay design goes to featuring items in the store. This section brings visibility to whatever products the shop wants to spotlight. Each tab includes a picture of the product, a brief description, a price and an option to buy instantly through eBay. The “Buy Now” tab is highlighted in red making sure to grab the customer’s attention. Checking out is only a click away!

Custom Volusion Store Footer

The footer of this Volusion template design mirrors the eBay design making sure to bring attention to specific products. The featured product section is great for housing sale items, new inventory or electronic accessories that might be outdated soon. The “Buy Now” tab is replaced with a little green truck icon to show you the item is ready to be shipped to any doorstep!

OC Designs Online invite you to browse our expanding portfolio of eBay templates and request a quote to learn more about our Volusion store designs. We customize each one and make it specific to your shop all while building a strong brand identity!

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