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If you’re reading this there is a good chance you have or own a computer. This day and age many people can say they’ve hit the power button, watched and listened to their computer gear up, and been welcomed by a greeting screen. What most don’t think about is what is behind the screen. All those faint noises that come from hitting the power button are a million different pieces turning on and energizing for your viewing pleasure. Many of those pieces can be found at Futuretech Liquidations. The tech savvy liquidation shop reached out to OC Designs Online. After browsing over a variety of eBay templates the shop found an eye catching eBay store design. They told the team at OC Design Online what they were looking for and after a little input the output was perfection.


The header of this eBay shop design lights up just like an electronic device. The logo is front and center with a metal ring to tie it all together. Below the logo online shoppers can find two perks with shopping at Futuretech Liquidations. Two tabs distinguish themselves with a blue light outlining the text. Customers can see that the shop has been trusted with eBay since 2004 and that the shop has over 1,000 parts and accessories! Below the lit up tabs is the information panel. The dark panel holds a variety of tabs so that the customer can get acquainted with the shop. They can skim over FAQS, view all the store listings and even read shop feedback from previous customers.


Toward the center of this eBay store design is a section dedicated solely to store categories. Each category is highlighted with a neon blue light to make them glow from the page. The category tab has a title and a high resolution photo to describe what can be found in each section. Whether it’s computers, camcorders or cameras there’s a part to be packaged.


The footer of this eBay shop design is geared toward putting shop products directly in front of the customer. The tabs are outlined in orange and red lights for an electric feel to each individual item. The tabs hold a picture, brief description of the item and a price. If the price is right just click the “Buy Now” button and head to the checkout page!

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