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A smartphone does wonders for making life simple and lessening the time of daily tasks. The time it takes to navigate to an unknown destination is often cut in half through direction and navigation applications. Taking notes and communicating with friends and family is just as easy. However, there are times when having a phone can make us cringe. Seeing that the battery life percentage is in the single digits and dropping the phone while removing yourself from the car can send anyone into panic mode. 

HJ Power helps cell phone users stop the worry. The cell accessory ecommerce site just teamed up with OC Designs Online for a customized look that made their shop sleek and stylish. They skimmed over a vast array of eBay templates and found the design perfect for them and their online shoppers. 


The header of this eBay shop design displays a sleek and stylish smartphone. The storefront is all designed around the center of a cellular device. At the very top of the cell phone online shoppers can find a search tab. This allows customers to browse for cases, chargers and other cell accessories. Below the search tab is a crimson red panel dedicated to the shop itself. Customers can become more familiar with the store listings, feedback and customer support. Just in case the customer isn’t finding what they’re looking for they can always revert back to the search tab for existing inquires!


The midsection of this eBay store design welcomes customers to the shop and displays products to the customer with a large, high resolution photo.  The left hand side hosts two tabs dedicated to store categories and a store newsletter. By having a store newsletter tab online shoppers who enjoy the shop products can easily get weekly reminders to return to the store. Newsletters can remind customers of daily deals, sales and new inventory!


The footer of this eBay shop design brings brand names into clear view for the customer. Whether it’s Apple, Samsung or Motorola, HJ Power has accessories that fit a great deal of models. The tabs on the far left hand side remind customers of why they’re shopping at HJ Power. International shipping, the store guarantee, and warranty policies are all excellent topics to highlight in individual tabs!

For a fully loaded eBay store design come browse the options at OC Designs Online. The attention to detail, ease of browsing and ability to customize for any affair can’t be found anywhere else at such an affordable price. Take a moment to browse our portfolio and request a free quote. We have a feeling you’ll love what you see!

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