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WordPress Theme Development and Design

You want your business online but choosing a website designer is not only difficult, the time it takes to build a website is lengthy—and if you need changes, you have to go back to the designer and that means more money.

What if you could have your very own business website that included an easy-to-use content management system you control and can quickly edit? We offer these types of websites at OC Designs Online and there’s no “learning curve” needed!

Some of the tools you gain include:
  • Joomla website design featuring rich SEO tools to help your site get found on the Web.
  • Easily change images, graphics or photos.
  • Change text, add text and make your site seasonal whenever you wish.
  • The ability to link to all of your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more.
  • All websites are mobile-friendly and viewable on all platforms.
  • Custom designs or a choice of layouts.
  • We design, install and set up your website.
  • We offer 30 day email support—and that’s all you’ll need!

Call OC Designs Online for your company’s website and skip the hassle and expense of a designer.


Provide better customer service with control over your website, updates can be made in just seconds.
  • Easily update photos on your website with the free photo gallery component
  • The best search engine optimization tools at your fingertips
  • Generate reports for each customer who submits a request through your website
  • Easily add new pages and menu items to your website without the knowledge of website coding or HTML


Choosing a website designer for your business is not an easy task. When considering various web design companies – although budget very important we also suggest these steps:

1. Look at the Webdesign company’s design work. Is it high quality, do you stay engaged while viewing websites they have designed?

2. Read past client testimonials. Do they offer any? Are they informative, are there things they say that call to you?

3. Ask yourself – Do you want to look like you went with the cheapest website designer? Or would you prefer to work with a company who would give you a creative website solution that connects with your customers and incites them to reach out to you? An effective creatively designed website that connects with your customers is a powerful marketing and tool that can convert visitors into paying customers. Overwhelmed by the complexity of hiring a website designer?

What do our customers think?

Check out what a few of our customers have to say about our services
  • Sterling Savill
    eBay Seller,
    Great Customer service and communication. Excellent work on my ebay and shopify store, a pleasure to do business with. Highly recommened!
  • Ulrich Faircloth
    Staff, Lorem Ipsum
    What can I say? Frannie and OC Designs did an AMAZING job redesigning our Stun & Run Self Defense website. They did an awesome job at a very affordable price. What drew us to them was the fact that they were a certified BigCommerce partner and had a ton of positive reviews. We were not wrong for going with them! Compared to paying $4K or $5K for a great ecommerce site, nothing tops these guys. They forgo some costs and are extremely willing to assist you with your needs. Frannie goes out of her way to personally manage every project so that things run smoothly and come out the way you want them to. Affordable, streamlined and amazing web design! Definitely coming back for our next ecommerce project!!
  • Samuel Maggard
    Modern Prepper,
    First off this review does not allow me to give 100 stars just five so I maxed it out at five! I consider myself somewhat picky and like things to be right. OC Designs does a great job at tackling and coming through with anything I throw at them. They are real people in the USA that can be reached in a variety of ways. Yes, they have a phone number and answer there calls! You are not just a number or another job, everyone truly wants to know what you are trying to accomplish and attack it very quickly. We started with an eBay store and eBay listing. This had my sales skyrocket in ways I would have never thought. Taking the same design scheme and moving it to a website makes branding everything tie together. Websites are clean and crisp along with all there coding that someone normally doesn't see. This truly makes for room to grow. Allowing myself to hire OC Designs down the road to freshen up the website instead of having to completely start over. Talking about the long haul and how much value you get out of a website versus pricing is big. Someone on a tight budget can still have the same quality without paying the big company store prices.. Oh and like I said before you can get a hold of them! OC Designs is recognized by eBay for there work along with numerous other Ecommerce sites. To name a few Big Commerce, Shopify, Magento, and Volusion. Though these companies are in a particular order they can do custom design for any of them. Something else that I really want to talk about is social marketing and design. Not only can they setup your Facebook or Twitter account to coincide with your store they also offer marketing packages to get you rolling. They have different packages and know the "in's" and "outs" of social marketing. I just want everyone reading this to know that, yes, I spent all this time to peck away at the keyboard. I have never written a review but felt compelled to after working with everyone at OC Designs. Call the crew up, heck if you still don't believe them ask for my number. They will give it to you and I will personally show you what they have done for me.
  • Bill Webster
    eBay Seller, Connectibles
    We're absolutely delighted with the custom work that was done for our Ebay store Connectibles! Our customers and peers comment all the time about how professional our storefront appears and how clean and crisp our listings are. Most responsive company, delightful to work with. Highest recommendation.

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