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Ebay Installation Form

  1. eBay Installation Form

    All fields in this form are required to be filled out prior to installation.

    If you have questions about any of the information below, please check our Installation FAQs page: http://www.sunandfuninoc.conn/INFO/Checkout-Installation.html

    * Required

    Standard installation timeframe for your eBay package is 7-10 working days from the date of working logins and balance payment unless your original invoice states otherwise

  2. 1. General Account Information

  3. 1. Your Project Name on the message board *

    This would be on the subject line in your email correspondence from us: EXAMPLE [.MARR AGENCY homepage design for real estate]

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  5. 2. First Name *
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  6. 3. Last Name *
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  7. 4. Email Address*
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    *Where would you like us to send your invoice? Please put that email address*
  8. 5. eBay Username *
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  9. 6. eBay Password *
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  10. 2. eBay Store Setup

  11. 8. My eBay store name and user name are correct*

    Please make sure that your eBay user name and store name are correct before we begin installation. If you change either of these important account settings after installation, your design files will need to be recoded and reinstalled for an additional charge of $125 for the store and $125 for the template.

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  13. 9. My eBay shop by category images are correct *

    Please make sure the shop by category images displayed on your eBay storefront are correct. If you require adjustments to these graphics post installation there will be a charge per graphic.

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  15. 10. All of my eBay store categories have been set up in my store admin settings, and I understand that if OCDO is required to login and set up my categories for me I will incur in additional $35 charge *

    Please make sure that all of your eBay store categories are set up prior to installation, and match your final approved design files. You can access your categories setup page here: My eBay > Manage My Store > Store Categories

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  17. 3. eBay Listing Template Use

  18. 11. eBay Listing Service *

    This is the software you plan to use to list your eBay items (i.e., ChannelAdvisor, Auctiva, lnkfrog, etc.) ****NOTE: if you do not currently have a software that you're using and you plan to use our editor, please type TagBot. *****

    If you are using any of the following services, be advised there is a setup charge for your terms of sale of $40: ChannelSale, Garage Sale (for Mac), Highwire, Inkfrog, Inkfrog Open, Kyozou, Linnworks/LinnLive, Monsoon, MotoLister (for eBay Motors), Neto, OpenBay, Sellbrite, Vendio.

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  21. 13. eBay Listing Service Password *

    If you are using TagBot, Blackthome, or another desktop-based software for your listings, please put "none" in the field below.

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  23. 15. If you answered "No" to the above, please indicate your max number of product photos

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  24. 16. Listing Template Content Fields *

    Please note that we do NOT input your product description content or your terms of sale content for you, this editable content is something you input and manage directly. If you would like us to set up your terms of sale content for you, there is an additional setup charge.

  25. Invalid Input
  26. 4. Approval of Designs

  27. 17. Submission of Final Approval *

    Review your design mock-up for any changes to the graphics, text, layout, functionality, and content BEFORE submitting your final approval. Your design will be coded and installed exactly as shown. Any design changes requested after installation - including changes to the graphics, colors, layout, features, etc. - will incur additional charges.

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  29. 18. A hosting account for your ebay design files (graphics, CSS, and JavaScript) are required and you understand there is a $6.99/month charge for this hosting account. *

    Hosting is purchased through this link:

  30. 19. Transaction ID #

    Please use the link above to sign up for your hosting account, and then post your PayPal transaction ID # for your hosting subscription here

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  32. 20. Post-Installation Review Period *

    We will let you know as soon as your designs are fully installed. Normal timeframe is 10 working days. You have up to 14 days after this date to review the files and let us know any adjustments that need to be made. Any adjustments required due to our error (i.e., alignment issues, broken links, etc.) will be completed at no charge. Any post-installation graphics or layout changes requested, or any changes requested after the 14 day review period, will incur an additional charge.

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  34. 21. Design Signature *

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  36. 22. Your comment

    This is where you can type any questions or comments to us

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